Stroud Show is a COVID-19 safe show. Please see below FAQs relating to COVID-19 requirements.

COVID-19 Safety 

Will the SSA be temperature testing? 

No, at this stage there will not be temperature testing upon entry. Should this advice from NSW Health change, we will inform all patrons and exhibitors prior to the event. 

How will physical distancing be maintained? 

The Stroud Show Association Inc is working closely to ensure the event site abides by all physical distancing rules, including limited numbers in arenas and exhibition stands, streamlined entry and exit points, and physically distanced queuing. This will all be monitored by COVID Marshalls and RAS Staff. 

Will there be hand sanitisation stations? 

Yes, there will be hand sanitisation stations at all pavilion entry points and throughout the venue. 

Will there be increased cleaning? 

Yes, there will be increased frequency of surface cleaning and sanitisation conducted by trained hygiene officers including pre-event, during and post-event cleaning with particular emphasis on high touch points. 

Will there be COVID-19 Safe and Hygiene Marshals onsite? 

Yes, COVID Marshals will be deployed throughout the site to assist with physical distancing and to minimise congestion. They will be identified by the appropriate uniforms. 

How will the SSA communicate if there is a COVID issue? 

If an issue was to arise, this would be communicated appropriately to exhibitors, sponsors and patrons. The general public would be advised via the Stroud Show website, NSW Health and through the media. 

Is it safe to attend the 2021 Stroud Show? 

The Stroud Show has been working to ensure the 2021 Stroud Show is compliant with all COVID Safe requirements as directed by Government and to optimise safety for all patrons, exhibitors, staff and competitors. 

Do I have to sign-in when entering the Showground? 

Yes, all personnel on site will need to sign-in to the Showground to enable appropriate contact tracing. All patrons, clients, exhibitors and contractions will sign-in using the unique QR code displayed at all entrances to the grounds. 

The Stroud Show Committee recommends that you download and activate the COVID Safe app to your mobile device and download the NSW Service App to use at the venue. 

Are face masks compulsory onsite at Stroud Showground? 

No, at this stage it is not compulsory to wear a face mask onsite during the Show nor during bump in and bump out. Should this advice from NSW Health change, we will inform all patrons and exhibitors and recommend you check our website prior to Show day to remain up to date. 

Is the Stroud Show cashless? 

Contactless card payment is encouraged at each point of sale. 

If the Stroud Show is cancelled due to COVID-19 will I receive a refund? 

Yes, a full-refund policy will apply for all tickets purchased and competition entered if the 2021 Stroud Show is cancelled.  

Do children count towards the capacity limitations for the 2021 show? 

Children under the age of 3 years will not count towards the capacity limitations for the Stroud Show. They may enter the show for free. 

What are the measures being put in place to make sure we can come together safely? 

  • Updated layout to enable increased physical distancing and ‘air flow’. 

  • Physically distanced queuing systems. 

  • Set ‘Entry’ and ‘Exit’ points for all pavilions monitored by COVID Marshals. 

  • Capped numbers of people at any one time in exhibition stands, pavilions and arenas. These numbers will depend on NSW Government event guidelines in place at the time of the event and are subject to change eg 2 square metre and 4 square metre ruling. 

  • Increased venue cleaning including pre-event, during and post event cleaning by trained hygiene officers with particular emphasis on high touch points. 

  • Reduced patron numbers to allow for 1.5 metre distancing at all times (the set attendance will depend on advice provided by NSW Health prior to the event, and these figures are subject to change). 


Smoking is prohibited indoors and at all catering or public seating areas of the Showground and were indicated by ‘No Smoking’ signage. For designated smoking areas, please refer to the Show map.